brand marsalì

An innovative concept, rooted in tradition

Born in 1974 in Marsala as Americaff, the brand was acquired in 2005 by Moak and in 2014 was rebranded into Marsalì, to highlight the Mediterranean character of a unique blend. Just as Moak comes from the name Arabs gave to the city of Modica, Marsalì picks up the thread of that encounter of cultures.

Moak brought into Marsalì its philosophy: attention to quality in every step of the manufacturing process, a special methodology to enhance our blends’ organoleptic features, a mix between an ancient knowledge and new technology, attention to sustainability and workers’ wellness. A constant effort to bring coffee’s culture, taste and beauty in every cup. Marsalì is a unique brand, but it borowed Moak’s story and valuses

The Idea of for[me]moak for the Marsalì’s branding is to bring out this blend of tradition and stories, that intertwine together like the patterns of Arab-Sicilian architecture. A fascinating complexity, just like our coffee. This is why we used the shapes and the patterns of our brand to create our unique coffee-cups, whose handles touching together recreate our logo.

Continuity gives us roots, change gives us branches, leaving us the will to make them grow and reach new heights.
 Pauline R. Kezer