An Italian coffee. A taste that waits to be discovered.


Italian coffee. It’s so good to find it everywhere.

Marsalì tells a tale of an Italian coffee that begins its journey into the world, bringing with it the tradition and the stories of Sicilian coffee makers. Born in 1974 in Marsala as Americaff, in 2014 Moak changed its name into Marsalì, to bring out the Mediterranean origins of a unique blend.


Where stories and knowledge blends together

A robust taste and a forty years-long tradition thick with love for coffee mix together in a rich blend that waits to be unveiled.


A unique brand, like the land where it was born.

The Marsalì brand wants to highlight a blend rich with stories and tradition, that mix together like the the patterns of the Arabic-Sicilian architecture in an elegant balance between gentleness and robustness. Like our coffee.

A creamy coffee, with an intriguing and subtle flavor, like the land where it was born. An Italian coffee, a unique tradition, an old knowledge that you can taste anywhere in the world.  


Caffe Marsalì

97015 Modica (RG), Italy

Viale delle Industrie 49-51-53

tel +39 0932 904755